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wtb: quality domain names up to £5k

Discussion in 'Domain Name Wanted' started by Shogun, Apr 23, 2009.

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  1. Shogun

    Shogun Member

    Feb 2009
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    I'm looking for some quality domains, they need to be .com, .net, .org, or maybe - no exceptions.

    They need to correspond with suitable exact match traffic from - we'll go on exact match, not broad match. For UK domains we will obviously go on UK traffic, for .com, net etc we will go on either usa or uk - whichever is higher.

    The domain should be two words max, one word domains preferred.

    I intend to build them into sites and rank them, so would not be interested in paying a premium for a domain because its "short" or "brandable" etc. We will solely be basing valuations on traffic to the exact match term of the domain, and how well we think those terms can be monetized.

    Please send your domains with prices by pm and I'll check them out. If you want an offer at least give me a ballpark figure you're looking for, so as not to waste my time or yours. Any pm's without at least a rough idea of price will not be replied to. Sorry to be so strict but there seems to be a high % of dreamers when it comes to valuing domains so getting a ballpark right off the start cuts down on the hassle, stress and wasted time on both our parts.

    Budget of up to £5k per domain. Since domains take time/money to develop I don't want to work on anything too small - as a rough guide we probably won't be interested in any domains costing less than £1k. We might take a decent search term for under that, but its extremely unlikely we would take a .com/ for under 1k. Feel free to try us out though if you think you have something under that price thats worth looking at.

    I'm leaving for Newcastle in a minute, any pm's will be replied tomorrow.

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  3. nim3

    nim3 Member

    Apr 2009
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