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WTS : High Quality Casino/Poker Textlinks / Blogposts (PR4,PR3,PR2)

Discussion in 'SEO Search Engine Optimisation' started by shanrobert20, Jun 13, 2013.

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    Jun 2013
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    We have extremely high quality and powerful link packages at very affordable prices to get your site, your affiliate site on the first page of Google. Everybody is looking for more clients/customers because of the added revenue it brings and there is harder working or more dedicated a sales person than Google.

    Key Points:

    1. All our casino sites are very high quality and google love our sites, as we are ranking good on SERP
    2. Many clients are happy with our casino Link building services
    3. We have Around 220+ casino gambling sites
    4. Our Casino sites page rank ranges from pr 1 – pr 2 -PR 3 - PR4
    5. All our casino sites having Page Authority and Domain Authority 35+
    6. Root Domains 60+ with all relevant backlinks..
    7. Our casino sites having good number of Index pages.
    8. Our casino sites backlinks are totally relevant and from high authority sites
    9. All my casino sites are keyword rich domains.
    10. All my casino sites having good alexa ranking
    11. Most of my casino sites ranking on #1 page for high competitive keywords
    12. Most of my sites getting good traffic.
    13. Post on my blog will get indexed with in 24 hours
    14. Most of my sites having inner pages having pr 2 and pr 1
    15. All my casino sites hosted on UK and US ip’s
    16. Each site having c-class unique ips mostly UK Ip’s

    Our services:
    1. Text links or In-content links Blogroll
    2. Blog post
    3. Banner Ad

    Note:I am the owner of all casino sites

    What more you need?its enough to rank better in Search engines…… right?

    Will give you good discounts on bulk orders.

    If you have any questions feel free to contact me at :

    My company email address:


    Shan Robert
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