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Discussion in 'UK Websites For Sale' started by MFYM, Jun 10, 2008.

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    Hi All

    I have a ecommerce website, a few domains and a business (VAT registered Limited Company) as a going concern for sale due to lack of time to run it and family commitments. ie I don't have the time and my wife will kill me if I don't stick with one job and "normal" working hours.

    Would suit one person either holding / despatching stock themselves or drop-shipping / using fulfilment service (info and contacts / introduction supplied of course) or combination of the two.

    1st Year turnover around £250k - subsequent was less due to me working a full time job in addition and running it in my spare time but gives you an idea of what you could do with it. Especially given someone with the time and SEO and site development skills of which mine are very basic (I have to rely on others for that!).

    Over 9000 customers registered in UK / Europe.
    Over 13,000 orders fulfilled.

    Good reputation on various uk and eu forums for level of customer service (have a google round).

    Good trade contacts etc and all the info you need to get on with it.

    You can see the product range we have been offering although you can of course take it in whichever direction you like!

    I'm interested to see if any of you guys are interested, no particular price in mind and as they say "no reasonable offer refused" but please bear in mind this is an ongoing business with a few years of trading behind it!

    Site is OS Commerce based as you can see, tweaked with various hacks added.

    Fully integrated with PayPal, Nochex and HSBC Secure ePayments (merchant account required for that obviously).

    Domains are and with a few others eg competitor's misspellings.

    Any other questions, please fire away - PM me or catch me on msn info/@/ or email me.

    Please note that I'm currently in the middle of relocating (new job and house hence the sale) but will try to get back to you as soon as I possibly can.

    Any suggestions also very welcome - thanks for reading.

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