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Discussion in 'Archive UK Domains For Sale' started by i4u2, Jun 3, 2007.

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    Visit this url to be re-directed to the ebay auction of this domain name. This name has a low starting bid so that it can sell for what it's worth rather than an inflated amount set by myself. If you want to make me an offer outside the auction feel free to contact me via my website

    * No transfer fee - No shipping costs
    Unlike other companies I wont charge to transfer this domain to you. Instead I will give you a ready made account control panel setup and ready to manage your domain name from a respecatable domain registrar.
    * Easy to manage control panel
    The account control panel allows you to configure hosting on your domain & configure services for it with protected username and password. You may use it to forward to a site you have already, or set it up with dedicated hosting - the option is yours.
    * Free services
    By default the domain name is setup with free services that allow 10 free sub domains & and 50 free email forwarders. You could simply point them to your ebay listings at ebay, for example and not worry about buying into a full website!
    * 2 years subscription (give or take a day or two)
    * Good seller rating. I have sold many items online and have a good sellers rating on ebay.

    Happy bidding!
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