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    Looking for decent offers on this.
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    The .UK revolution

    Just watched an ITV advert for a .uk NinjaWarrior.uk This was shown prominently throughout the ad.
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    Ooh, didn't know that! Better get my software up and running again.
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    Had an offer of £400 for EmergencyPlumbers.uk Not overly exciting but one callout is worth £400 Happy 2023 to everyone on here.
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    Vote Rob for UKRAC

    Damn, I did text you, a couple of weeks ago, I missed this!
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    It's been a while

    Hi all, It's been a while since i was here full time. Been heavily involved in NFTs since last June, I've let a few .uks drop, hope they've been picked up. Catch up again soon.
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    Looking to sell home product website.

    Looking to sell my home product website, just dont have the time to run this because of other commitments. I have a very busy plumbing & heating business as well as converting a house and adding an extension. The website is Stoves.uk The sale comes with the website and database, telephone...
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    £13k upwards
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    Looking to sell Timothy.uk Mid £££ range. DM if interested.
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    Group of 3 musical related domains | LesMiserables...

    Looking to sell these 3 names as a package preferably. LesMiserables.co.uk MissSaigon.co.uk LyceumTheatre.uk Great for ticket sales.
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    Looking to sell Cedar.uk Price range: mid to low £,£££ Please pm your offers
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    Drop shipping

    I only use this particular supplier, they make their profit on the product but they also get added purchasing power with the manufacturers. I had a relationship with the supplier already as I buy a lot of boiler spares from them regularly.
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    Drop shipping

    I've had success with stoves.uk I get an average of 20-30 % profit on these products I receive the payment through stripe, pay the supplies who then ship it out direct to customer. Thinking about selling this on sometime in the future.
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    BCC.co.uk sold for £20,000

    BCC.co.uk sold for £20,000 to SWINDON AND WILTSHIRE LOCAL ENTERPRISE PARTNERSHIP LIMITED Probably for the new venture: Business Cyber Centre Not mine.
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