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  1. paymatters

    Whois hidden due to GDPR

    I think I'm right in saying that the Whois data can help your Seo if the name of your company is a term that you also want to be found online with. Just noticed my Whois data no longer shows. Queried with 123 reg and they say they hid everyone’s due to GDPR and there’s no option to turn it...
  2. DaveBeasley

    123REG Taking Liberties with your .uk domain registration rights

    Just had some emails from Nominet informing that 3 x .uk domains had been regged relating to .co.uk domains I own. As far as I was concerned regging .uk was my sole right until 2019, seems not....! Interfering 123reg have taken it upon themselves to 'assist' customers by starting to register...
  3. D

    123-reg Auto Renewal Debacle

    I have just had a very bad experience with 123-Reg after being with them for over 13 years and spending 10's of £1000's with them over this time so feel compelled to offer a word of warning to others! I set a couple of domains to not auto renew last week (2nd Jan) which were due for expiry on...
  4. golddiggerguy

    123-reg saving Credit card details the F@#*ers PART 2

    About 2 weeks ago I noticed all my details filled out when I went to reg a domain at 123-reg and thought - Strange, paid for the domain and looked at my account details. They had added my debit card details to my account / saved them to auto renew and pay for any domains coming up for renewal...
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