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    _co_uk MobileUI.co.uk (and .co)

    Hi everyone, I have mobileui.co.uk and mobileui.co available. Both registered with GoDaddy, and come as a pair. Any questions, please let me know. Offers welcomed!
  2. F

    Hi Everyone

    Big Hello to everyone on AD I'm actually a returning member, been away for a few years after leaving my day job and creating a media agency/software company. I've kept domaining despite the .everythingyouwant as a domain revolution, in fact I have 3 times as many domains, glad to see so many...
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    I'm providing a interactive agency from Poland and couple of years I bought domain interactive-agency.co.uk and I don't know what to do with it. Maybe any forum member would like to buy this domain or give me idea how to get clients from UK? How much this domain can be worth on domain...
  4. D

    _co_uk JobSearcher.co.uk

    A superb name, especially now that more people are looking for jobs. Minimum x,xxx offers on this one! :p
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