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  1. J


    Hi guys Any thoughts on a ballpark valuation for switch2electric.com would be much appreciated. Thanks John Dotsters
  2. dStarDomains

    Please help me appraise these Domains.

    Please help me appraise the Domains. Enduro.me ComicCon.me Bamboozled.space TiDiDo.xyz Thank-you Appreciate your Help


    Seems to be a decent 4U name. Let me know what you think. LEGEND
  4. B

    _co_uk HugeTube

    HugeTube.co.uk for sale Expiration date :17 Sep 2011 Afternic appraisal ( 8-Jun-2010 ) : 1800 $ Price : 800 £ Thank you
  5. squarerobot


    Hi all, I registered this domain back in 2004 for my personal blog, but now fancy a change of domain and so I'm currently discussing the sale with an interested party. The domain has had content on it for the entire time it's been registered (currently, still active). Currently receives...
  6. E

    Appraise www.DaShop.co.uk

    This domain name is an interesting one it is dashop.co.uk one that I purchased earlier this year just and would like an appraisal so I can price all of my domains thanks.
  7. E

    Apraisal www.lun.org.uk

    Could you guys give me prices I should expect for this domain. because I am looking to sell it. Thanks :cool:
  8. T

    drmfree .co .uk

    Hi Any suggestions on what drmfree .co .uk might be worth? DRM Free being the way you download music that isn't tied into one player etc. It's currently parked with sedo. Thanks
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