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  1. paymatters

    Premium Domains for sale

    A few were posted on a now closed thread i.e. bargains,vouchers,offers etc. I received an update yesterday saying they are now for sale on website dnoffer co uk
  2. S


    Just hand reg'd this. Keyword tool showing 110k exact searches. Might be right for some cheap Amazon home supplies site. People think the domain has any value? Thanks Sam
  3. khalid

    _co_uk Mens Hats and Mens Jackets

    Looking for offers on.... MensHats.co.uk : "Mens Hats" gets between 27,000 - 33,000 exact searches per month MensJackets.co.uk : "Mens Jackets" gets betweeen 40,000 - 90,000 exact searches per month Both names could be nice little affiliate/ppc mini-sites or flipped to a online fashion store...
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