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  1. I

    broadband4britain.co.uk SEO domain, DA29, Ahrefs:30,345,715

    For Auction at https://domainlore.uk/auctions/gems_id/32740 is Broadband4britain.co.uk Domainlore describe the SEO as follows; SEO/Backlinks domain Ahrefs:30,345,715 ~ DR:5 ~ Backlinks:164 ~ Ref.domains:61 ~ Moz DA:26 Searching Google "broadbankforbritain.co.uk" shows amongst other links on the...
  2. 3


    Broadband.wales Registrar: Netistrar Transfer: Push or auth code Looking for offers
  3. GaryT

    An Interview With Edd Dawson of Broadband.co.uk

    This is a great story/interview, Edd is a really nice guy and what a business he has set up! http://www.siteopia.com/blog/interview-with-edd-dawson-broadband-co-uk/6301/ If only we could all have more "accidents" like this! Gary
  4. VSC

    _co_uk Compare Broadband Plans

    CompareBroadbandPlans.co.uk Forgot I had this one or would have added it to my other list. Final price + VAT and Nom fee. Offers?
  5. VSC

    uk Broadband Domains Up for Grabs!

    Decided not to go ahead with promoting broadband related offers, so am looking for offers on these: Broadband-Speeds.co.uk SOLD BusinessBroadbandDeals.co.uk BusinessBroadbandUK.co.uk CheapBusinessBroadband.co.uk (BroadbandADSLServices.net) Final prices plus VAT and Nom fee
  6. D-Mac

    _org_uk 2 Cheap Broadband Domains For Sale

    broadbandtest.org.uk payasyougobroadband.org.uk According to the Google Adwords keyword traffic estimator: "Broadband Test" gets 14,800 Local Monthly Searches "Pay As You Go Broadband" gets 8,100 Local Monthly Searches All offers welcome
  7. mozza

    _co_uk Test Broadband Speed "Half price"

    testbroadbandspeed.co.uk huge potential. 450,000 local Broad 18,100 local Exact Was on for £500 will now accept £250 as quick sale needed. A real bargain.
  8. mozza

    Test Broadband Speed

    For sale testbroadbandspeed.co.uk Local Broad: 450,000 Local Exact: 22,200 Great potential for the right end user. Open to offers. Thanks.
  9. mozza

    Test Broadband Speed

    Hi, Thinking about developing the site www.testbroadbandspeed.co.uk (not a nice design I know but its temporary) the term Test Broadband Speed gets just over 22,000 exact local searches a month. If I was looking to sell before developing the site what sort of offers, if any, should I expect?
  10. golddiggerguy

    _org_uk Broad-band

    This .org.uk is worth an investment by someone! Broad-band We bought this as a lot of our clients haven't a clue on fault finding and broadband. Hence we're going to develop into a mini Q&A, fault finding site to try and generate rev from Aff and Adsense. We will develop it but are just...
  11. D

    Broadband Local

    Hi all I have Broadbandlocal.co.uk and would appreciate your thoughts. Held onto this for some years now intending to do something more than the out of date affiliate site I have on it at the moment. Probably time to sell, but what value does it have if any? Thanks Matt Houldsworth
  12. aZooZa

    A few inc. hotelrates.org.uk, extremegadgets.co.uk

    Please post offers in thread, or PM. extremegadgets.co.uk lcdhire.co.uk mortgagealliance.co.uk usedferraris.co.uk abka.co.uk betonhorses.co.uk officebroadband.org.uk perlconsultants.org.uk perldevelopers.org.uk perlprogrammers.org.uk petdrugs.org.uk phonedirectory.org.uk phonemarketing.org.uk...
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