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  1. D

    Acorn Auction Various Premium Domains for Sale!

    All domains start at $25, get in touch if interested....... TAVR.co VLOR.org SecureFund.co.uk Moan.biz MuscleLab.org MIRV.co Antispyware.xyz Wriggle.xyz CoinCollectors.co
  2. Ben Sykes

    Looking for health domains or sites with BL / SEO

    Hi all, I am looking for health domains with clean backlink history. Budget is £xx - £xxx All considered. Use this tool if you need to know domain metrics https://majestic.com/reports/bulk-backlink-checker or https://moz.com/researchtools/ose/ Thanks Ben
  3. Ben Sykes

    Dropcatchers WANTED

    If you regularly catch domains then like me you probably have a few 100 domains that seemed like a good idea at the time and were the beginning of a new project that has since gone by the wayside. If you have any unwanted domains with back links or high DA score then I will buy them in bulk...
  4. B

    Events / venues domain name with backlinks

    Hi, i'am looking for domains in events / venues niche (excatly hiring venues for events). I'am not interested in spammed domains, DA should be 30 or more with natural backlinks. It may be a domain after some event planning agency or something like that. Price range up to: 800 GBP -...
  5. hawkie66


    2 meaningful, complementary words: "number one ticket-selling site". Suitable for any kind ot ticket-selling online for theatre, movie, sports match, travel....” I need realistic market value of this domain. Thanks.
  6. DomainMagnate

    Several websites for sale $1k+ per month in revenue

    I have a few sites for sale, post here or pm for details. Please only inquire if you have the funds available. 1. content and pictures website with search traffic, low maintenance revenue: $400-500 in last 30 days, price: $6.5k. 2. tech reviews website with search traffic, weekly updates...
  7. DomainMagnate

    Wanted high revenue sites £500+ a month

    Looking to buy higher revenue sites with £500+ a month. budget in xx,xxx Not interested in: adult, proxies, warez, movies, file hosting, no or low revenue sites. Interested in: adsense or other pay per click click revenue sites, affiliate or product selling sites, online services...
  8. G

    Www.gizm0d0.com for sale/rent

    If any one wants WWW.GIZM0D0.COM please contact me at [email protected] or tell me your best offer.
  9. L

    Buyer rights

    So I found a solid domain that had a BIN price, bought it and paid for it (escrow). Then the seller didn't like my registrar and wanted only a GD push to which I agreed immediately. A week has passed since and nothing is happening. What are my rights? The seller already agreed to a transfer...
  10. M

    harddiskdriverecovery.net + 10 Other Niche Sites For Sale...

    e-bookreaderguide.com +10 Other Niche Sites For Sale... UPDATE - REDUCED! I am selling some of my niche sites that I built earlier this year which I have not had time to promote. The sites have had continuously added content since earlier this year, the domain ages vary. Most are...
  11. Admin

    Yesterdays drops

    donations please to admin @acorndomains.co.uk aberdeenhealth.co.uk £160 acidshock.co.uk £141 adsee.co.uk £461 affiliatechannel.co.uk £677 ahselection.co.uk £27 alibiagency.co.uk £40 alignpeople.co.uk £400 annerose.co.uk £923 arenaservices.co.uk £338 artdetective.co.uk £270...
  12. I

    Call to Action domain: CLICKnBuy.org

    Hello, Looking for offers for: Call to action domain: CLICK N BUY ! ClicknBuy.org The .org would be great for a Product review website. Generating revenue through affiliate & pay per click ads
  13. I

    _co_uk clicknbuy.co.uk -

    Hello Looking for offers for: clicknbuy.co.uk Happy to answer all your questions.
  14. E

    Appraise www.DaShop.co.uk

    This domain name is an interesting one it is dashop.co.uk one that I purchased earlier this year just and would like an appraisal so I can price all of my domains thanks.
  15. Alien

    _co_uk buyup.co.uk

    Nice solid, generic, brandable name, with over 260 Million Results in Google: buyup.co.uk £BIN Price is: £500 Thank you. :) PS: Buyer pays Nom. transfer fee.
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