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  1. M

    Fancy winning something?

    A few months ago I posted on here to announce our Spring competition - or #campetition as we prefer to call it :) Now it's our epic summer giveaway - and this time we have doubled the value of prizes to £10,000+. See http://www.campetition.co.uk/ Prizes include camping, caravanning and...
  2. Aiden Roberts

    _co_uk Luxury Camping Holidays

  3. M

    _co_uk UKCamping.co.uk

    Afternoon all, We listed this site previously (UKCamping.co.uk) which is a site with some history which i'll explain in a second. Previously I didn't have any site data to give but I do now. Many people were interested in the domain but no sale went through. So, about the domain: We used...
  4. M

    _co_uk UKcamping.co.uk

    Hi, We're looking to sell our domain with existing traffic, ukcamping.co.uk The site is an online shop which is not currently trading, but still recieves traffic. Poeple regularly call us up to try and place their order over the phone. The site's content does not come with the sale of...
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