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car rental

  1. bulkcorn

    CarHireExcessInsurance, CarRentalExcessInsurance

    As there are some very good affiliate programs about ...... Offers invited: carrentalexcessinsurance.co.uk + uk + eu carhireexcessinsurance.eu Cheers, bulkcorn.
  2. M

    Car hire domains for sale

    I have 32 car-hire domains I wish to sell. All have history and all point to individual sites but have not been updated for about 9 Years. I am looking to sell the whole lot for a price of £100 each = £3,200. Including rights to .uk Please PM me with your offers and thoughts ayrcarhire.co.uk...
  3. S


    Domain: EdinburghCarRentals.co.uk High search term, obvious potential with large market with Edinburgh being both a major city & tourist destination. I emailed a few local car hire companies about this domain last week and top offer received was $150, any offer that beats that can have the...
  4. golddiggerguy

    _org_uk Rent-A-Car

    Both .org.uk domains but great names for a affiliate car rental mini sites ........ yours for £100 +VAT each Rent-A-Car Rent-Car Buyer pays fee's by cheque.
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