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  1. ptal


    PREMIUM UK DOMAIN NAME FOR SALE PureSpeed.co.uk Domain have good history and excellent name, ideal for cars blog, shop, forum or portal. Previously domain was website for the company dealing with car sale. Domain is currently registered with OVH and expires on 24 April 2020. Transfer initiated...
  2. M

    _co_uk carleasingnews.co.uk

    Registered in February 2013, so well aged. Expires Feb 2019. Buyer pays transfer fees. £25 for quick sale.
  3. DomainSteve

    Clearance - only £50 each - FindingCoffee.com, ProtectedCar.com and more ...

    Hi, Looking to free up some capital over the next couple of days so liquidating the following names: FindingCoffee.com ProtectedCar.com CompassDomains.com CustomEnamel.com BuckFizz.com Open to offers All hosted at GoDaddy. Payment via Paypal please, any questions please ask. Regards Steve
  4. S

    _co_uk fastestcar.co.uk

    Hi, I am inviting offers on this domain name fastestcar.co.uk You might want to check it's history here http://domainindex.com/domains/fastestcar.co.uk Thanks, Shubhneet
  5. bulkcorn

    _co_uk Windscreen Insurance + Cover

    closed. thanks.
  6. srccode

    _org_uk Car Accessories Affiliate Website PR3 W/Earnings, 5k+ Uniques/month

    Established with a PR3 with a total of 52 sales since 1st May 2012 (£100 in July). The site promotes car accessories for amazon, the products are at an ideal price to tie in with Amazon's £7 cap for this category. Traffic and serp's are gradually improving, Alexa rank massivly increasing -...
  7. F

    Car insurance backlinks

    I have a new website about young driver car insurance, and looking to secure some backlinks. Please get in touch if you can help.
  8. F

    Driving domains

    carclassifiedguide.co.uk driversheaven.co.uk driversnirvana.co.uk driversnirvana.com drivingnirvana.co.uk drivinggods.co.uk hitthelimiter.co.uk hotnumberplates.co.uk onboost.co.uk All priced at £50 each buyer pays nom.
  9. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk Car related - including Air-Bag.co.uk & ConceptVehicle.co.uk

    Offers please, some nice ones to be snapped up here! Offers by PM or post. Air-Bag co.uk - Every new car now has at least 1 CarHUD co.uk - The future ( Car Heads Up Display) BMW have them on a few models already ConceptVehicle co.uk - New cars start from this DrivingNews co.uk - Keep updated...
  10. golddiggerguy

    Good deed gone mad?

    My partners car stopped turning over last week when i was forced to use it when she car-napped mine. I was told by a few wannabe machanics or electrians that it was the Starter motor and rang Sisons and was going to be around £100 + I use Sissons a local company for anything Alternator or...
  11. Alien

    _co_uk smartercar.co.uk

  12. Alien

    _co_uk carbook.co.uk, motorsale.co.uk

    Recent drops: carbook.co.uk Archive.org history listed from 2001. motorsale.co.uk Archive.org history listed from 2005. Looking at offers via PM or post, thanks. :)
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