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  1. goldnames

    Popular chinese name LunChen.com 7-day Godaddy auction

    registrar: Godaddy Inc. domain name: LunChen.com registered on June 03, 2002 expiration date: June 03, 2017 7-day public auction link: https://auctions.godaddy.com/trpItemListing.aspx?miid=189479931 Popular chinese name Lun Chen. Also means "lunch" in several european languages like...
  2. Howie Crosby

    ProNetwork MacComputers ChinaExport CloudChat

    Absolute Bargain Basement Domains! Each £49 ProNetwork.co.uk MacComputers.co.uk ChinaExport.co.uk CloudChat.co.uk Payments can be paid by PayPal, thank you, Howie. [email protected]
  3. S

    English letters and Arabic numbers plus hyphen at .中國 (.cn)

    From 29 October 2012, the Chinese top level domain “.中國 (.cn)” will be opened for public registration. Beside Chinese characters it will be possible to register English letters and Arabic numbers plus hyphen at .中國 (.cn) domain. There are different periods: Registered Trademark Holder - 16 Sept...
  4. A

    travelbeijing.asia, travelshanghai.asia and others

    Dear all, I currently have a number of top asian and chinese related domain names for sale, a selection is below. travelbeijing.asia travelshanghai.asia traveltokyo.asia visitchina.ch spicegirl.asia bettingsites.asia brad.asia blur.asia celtic.asia careersonline.asia...
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