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  1. 3


    Inviting offers on the following... CoffeeTime.uk Already had a couple of offers on this name, mid £xxx Looking for £x,xxx offers. Please PM any interest
  2. A

    (Dictionary, Geo, Coffee, Crypto, short, New tech,...) domains - Namejet auctions

    Now on Namejet Auctions Collection of premium domains (Dictionary, Geo, Coffee, Crypto, short, New tech, ...) at lowest prices. Visit this feature page to view all these domains: http://www.namejet.com/featuredauctions/9idx6eek
  3. DomainSteve

    Clearance - only £50 each - FindingCoffee.com, ProtectedCar.com and more ...

    Hi, Looking to free up some capital over the next couple of days so liquidating the following names: FindingCoffee.com ProtectedCar.com CompassDomains.com CustomEnamel.com BuckFizz.com Open to offers All hosted at GoDaddy. Payment via Paypal please, any questions please ask. Regards Steve
  4. ClassicalGuitar

    _co_uk A Collection of 49 Domains in a Variety of Niches

  5. ClassicalGuitar

    _co_uk LatteMachine.co.uk

    Hi, Open to offers for Lattemachine.co.uk 390 exact searches per month. Buyer pays Nominet fee. Up for renewal - 2012-10-17 Thanks, Tom
  6. P

    CoffeeMachines.co.uk and CoffeeMachine.co.uk

    CoffeeMachines.co.uk and CoffeeMachine.co.uk Price will include: coffee-machines.co.uk and coffee-machine.co.uk Price: £17,000 +Vat. For the set of 4 domains. Reduced to £15,800 +Vat, for the set of 4 domains. Priced very competitively to sell. Very commercial. Superb domains for...
  7. D

    _co_uk worldcoffee

    Hi all First post here so be gentle! I have worldcoffee.co.uk that I would like offers for. Currently fixed price at sedo but offers welcome. Offers by PM, I can take payment by paypal. Buyer to pay Nominet fees. Thanks Matt Houldsworth Digitalquill
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