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content writing

  1. Aiden Roberts

    Cheap Content Writer for Hire

    I’ve been out of action for a while. I had a heart attack, a kidney removed due to cancer and a diagnosis of heart failure. That lot didn’t see me off, so its time to get back on the horse. I have written for a few members on Acorn, and I’d like to start building up my client list again. To...
  2. khalid

    Article / Content Writing / Copywriting

    Hi all, My wife is available for content related work on a part time basis. She previously worked under my sideline "Freelance Content" when she was a student. We've had a daughter so she is now working from home and available at 2p a word (£10 per 500 words). She's degree educated and good...
  3. G

    2p per word content from an Oxford Graduate

    Do you want quality, throughly researched content for your website? My friend who holds a First in English from Oxford University is available to write fresh, fully researched reports and articles for you. There's no minimum order and articles can be any length from a hundred to several thousand...
  4. 3AC

    Content Writer / Copy Writer Needed

    Hi guys I need a content writer / copy writer who has good experience in SEO content writing for retail, financial services, tech and leisure industries for a range of UK brands Would also need to be able to perform on-page copy optimisations for existing content. Looking to buy in 5 -...
  5. S

    Content & Links

    Hi Looking for a reliable person who can take a good look at my site and produce some good content and then provide relevant links. Please PM with details. Thanks J
  6. R

    Content writing, 7.50 for 500 words

    Content writing, 5 quid for 500 words Hello everyone, I'm currently working for some members of this forum and I got my first orders through this thread. http://www.acorndomains.co.uk/internet-marketing/61815-content-writing-free-500-words.html I started with relatively low fees but...
  7. B

    Content Writing - £8 per 500 words

    We can offer content writing by UK writers of £8 per 500 words. Most subjects covered except gambling and adult. Usually delivered within 7 days - any quantity considered. Send email to info (at) xec (dot) co (dot) uk, for more details. Can provide samples. Stephen.
  8. J

    content writing

    I have a content writing service available - might be of use to some people here :D Content Writers cheers
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