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domain appraisals

  1. G


    Hi guys, I recently picked up the domain toysforsale.co.uk, please let me know your thoughts on what this one might be worth? Many Thanks
  2. S

    London-deals.com & London-Apartment.com

    Here I need honest reviews for these domains. 1. London-deals.com 2. London-apartment.com
  3. S


    Certifieddomains.co.uk Domain industry has so many keywords to monetize in hence with this domain I believe one can create a brand. What do you have to say about this domain
  4. S


    autoinsurancecompany.co.uk How about this domain. How much is you appraisal fo this domain
  5. S


    What do you think is the value of this domain? Estibot values the domain at $61,000
  6. S


    Please comment...:D
  7. S


    Credit Fig - 390M results in google.co.uk ref. web site: CreditReform.com, Credit Reform - 40M results in google.co.uk Please comment and appraise with thanks!
  8. golddiggerguy

    _org_uk DomainAppraisals

    DomainAppraisals.org.uk This would make a great mini site to offer domain appraisals and generate a nice stream of revenue. £250 +VAT Buyer pays fees 123-reg Paypal or BACS
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