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domain name for sale

  1. aNewbie

    17025-standard.com - Established Domain With One Owner & Backlinks Since 2005

    Domain name only without the content, with the following incoming links: TOTAL BACKLINKS: 1.3k UNIQUE DOMAINS: 120 INDEXED URLS: 39 CITATION FLOW: 8 TRUST FLOW: 1 CLASS C IPS: 34 This website was focused upon the standard ISO 17025, for testing and calibration laboratories. I have placed...
  2. B


    SVQX .com Reg at Namesilo Exp: 2018-08-22 GVOJ .com (pronouncable) Great name easy to pronounce & remember Exp: 2019-06-20 Reg at - epik Pm me your best offer, serious offers only payment by paypal, IMPS/NEFT (India) Push only!!!
  3. B

    _co_uk ResellerProgram.co.uk

    Looking for best Offer please PM me or direct with your offer
  4. B

    _co_uk AutomobileLoans.co.uk

    AutomobileLoans.co.uk Great Domain Name Offers invited here or PM me with your offer Thank you
  5. B

    _co_uk laInsurance.co.uk

    LaInsurance.co.uk This domain take all popular TLDs Avg Search Results (keyword):257,000 Average Cost Per Click: $17.37 USD Offers are Invite - PM me
  6. B

    _co_uk eDrugs.co.uk

    eDrugs.co.uk Looking for best offer Please PM me with your offer Cheers
  7. T

    _co_uk LocalOffers.co.uk

    Hello, LocalOffers.co.uk + .uk for sale. (Domain names only) PM or post reply. Thanks :D
  8. G

    _co_uk TheTrendy

    TheTrendy.co.uk Offers invited by pm or directly through Sedo.co.uk offer page.
  9. BG

    Huge List Of Random Domain Names For Sale.

    Hi Guys, As many of you may already know I'm slowly moving away from domains as I invested heavily in to a new tech startup 10 months ago called www.iBuddy.com (goes live to the public in March yet people can signup now) - Basically i wanted to be involved in a real business that forces me to...
  10. BG

    UNP.COM - Nice LLL Domain

    Hi Guys, Domain: UNP.COM Registered: 1996-03-11 Nice 3 letter .com up for grabs, offers welcome. Thanks, Barry
  11. S

    bytelancer.com - Freelance jobs with traffic

    Freelance jobs domain, with traffic within the niche (programmers, editors, etc.): Unique users: > 2,000/month SE: mainly Google searches Domain Created Date: 2009-09-19 Domain Age: 172 Days PageRank: 2 Alexa Ranking: 812,373 SEOMozRank=2.56 Google Inlinks: 31 Google Pages: 1,800 Y...
  12. Lucky Luke

    123cruises co uk

    Hi, cruises.co.uk went for a storming amount > £500,000 a while back... So I thought I'd see what was still available for .co.uk relating to cruises and up pops 123cruises co uk Clearly the 123 is meaningless but helps to create an easily identified UK brand in a very crowded, popular and...
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