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domain sales

  1. goldnames

    Latest domain sales list, week20 is out

    latest domain sales list, week20 is out place.com 550000 USD fort.com 66500 USD homes.forsale 45000 USD houses.forsale 45000 USD yea.com 44000 USD ymb.com 35000 USD leem.com 30000 USD onlyyou.com 27000 USD unifon.com 24888 USD eeh.com 23100 USD leah.com 20600 USD ... full list of sales is...
  2. D

    _co_uk Message

  3. R

    _co_uk Great Domain Bargains -Discounted

    These domains will be sold on first come first serve basis , so whoever is happy to close the deal first, will get the names. I have had many customers who were disappointed when they took time to think and came back only to find the names were gone ! . Dietschedule.co.uk - £500...
  4. Admin

    Domain Sales Update at DomainPrices.co.uk

    I updated Domain Prices today with 100 odd domain name sales. Admin
  5. A

    phoneflights.com, findavoice.com (for sale)

    Hi everyone, I am looking to sell: phoneflights.com findavoice.com checkthiswebsite.com Any offers, please send me a message. Kind regards.
  6. sedo

    February sales results

    Hi everyone, This is Jonathan ;-) stepping in to post the top 10 co.uk sales for February: Domain name and Price 1. capeverde.co.uk (£7621 GBP) 2. esalon.co.uk ($10950 USD) 3. bluetooth.co.uk (£5000 GBP) 4. mymall.co.uk (£4000 GBP) 5. rmb.co.uk (£4000 GBP) 6. rocks.co.uk (€4500 EUR) 7...
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