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  1. E

    Apps.cruises in Auction at Godaddy Auction ending soon : Price $20

    Estibot Value : $2300 Avg search results(sld) : 145,000,000
  2. U

    Hello from Dubai, UAE

    Hello Guys. I am new to this forum for selling some of my .co.uk domains, and buying some good domains, I am the full time domainer with around 700 Domains own in Hand, Including, com .net .co.uk .xyz .co and new tlds including .london. I have some questions and maybe you can help. I was...
  3. F

    Hi Everyone

    Big Hello to everyone on AD I'm actually a returning member, been away for a few years after leaving my day job and creating a media agency/software company. I've kept domaining despite the .everythingyouwant as a domain revolution, in fact I have 3 times as many domains, glad to see so many...
  4. Aiden Roberts

    A Tentative Hello

    Hi Everyone, I have been mooching around on Acorn for a few days now and have finally plucked up the courage to join. I write under the name of Aiden Roberts so felt it made sense to use my www name to join, believe it or not I have started answering to Aiden; sad I know. In case you were...
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