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  1. Helmuts

    [Livestream] 8PM UK time - How to chose top 5-10 domains from a 70k+ droplist

    Today Adam Dicker will show his approach on to find 5-10 good domains you like from a droplist of 70,000+ domain names. Livestream Starts: 8PM UK The mission is to analyse a huge list and find few domain names that can be resold for good premium. Also, it is not too late to submit your...
  2. D

    XYZ domain Package BIN - $850

    Hi All All of the below domains for sale at a BIN price of $850, premium one word domains on offer. banish.xyz Exp - Aug 18 wriggle.xyz Exp - Aug 18 antispyware.xyz Exp - Aug 18 gamble247.xyz Exp - Sep 18 casino365.xyz Exp - Sep 18 invest365.xyz Exp - Sep 18 paralyzed.xyz Exp - Sep 18...
  3. E

    Apps.cruises in Auction at Godaddy Auction ending soon : Price $20

    Estibot Value : $2300 Avg search results(sld) : 145,000,000
  4. Howie Crosby

    _co_uk Namester

    Hello, I am open to offers on Namester.co.uk Thank you, Howie. [email protected]
  5. khalid

    Have you ever thought about...

    Hey all, There's a number of users on these boards with names that would make fantastic e-commerce stores and I'm just wondering if anyone has ever thought about turning their .co.uk into a shop front? There's been a few posts regarding the future of domaining, affiliate marketing and revenue...
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