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  1. Ben Sykes

    Change dropcatching script to new EEP system

    Hi All Thans for reading this. I need some help altering my script for the new changes coming. If you could help I would be grateful. I don't use it that much so can pay money and give free slots if interested. TAG WHYTHINK Advice gratefully received Ben
  2. Transcom ISP

    DropCatch Software - New Versions & Lease Options - from £19

    Weve made a few updates and changes, as well as released a new version and leasing option. Both the SSH Shell and Web Browser SDS Versions are now available for £29 + vat one time or £19 + vat per month leased, which includes a fast server, no contract The SSH Full Suite pro version with 6 EPP...
  3. Ben Sykes

    Looking for tech partner/dropcathing

    Hi I am looking for a partner in developing our drop catching script. I have been catching domains for years however our script is a little tired and not really competitive anymore. My TAG is WHYTHINK and I have been a Nominet member for years. Please message me if you are interested and...
  4. dropped.uk

    dropped.uk drop catching service

    dropped.uk is a UK domain name drop catching service. We've just launched our public dropcatching service, and are now taking backorders for suspended UK domain names (.co.uk, .org.uk, .me.uk and .uk). We only accept one booking per domain. We will advise at the point of booking if another...
  5. T

    £200 for Successful Dropcatch on 19/11/10

    Must have open slot, there are many other drop catchers that already have this backordered. Please PM and let's chat! Thank you
  6. O

    Serious Dropcatching Service needed

    I am looking for a drop catching service. I have own tag, and DAC access. Also have own server in london. Also have own js script but cant get it to work. Can anyone provide me with a solution so I can catch names daily. Regards
  7. T

    Dropcatching Service Offered...

    All catches No Win-No Fee Base: £30/catch. Exclusive use of server for day £150/catch Maximum total 8 domains / day with limit of 3/user (may changed over time) Domains can be booked upto the drop date. Excludes Nom transfer fee. All regged in my name/ANYNAME tag until payment...
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