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  1. dog

    This is how UK consumers shopped online in 2018

  2. dog

    Condé Nast puts failing e-commerce site [Style.com] up for sale

    How do you fail with a killer domain, a big publishing company backing you, and lots of money??? http://nypost.com/2017/06/14/conde-nast-puts-failing-e-commerce-site-up-for-sale/
  3. T

    Ecommerce name required

    Hi All I'm starting a sideline business designing/installing/configuring ecommerce systems in the next FY post-easter, primarily based around certain OS & commercial carts & bespoke developments/modules. I have a number of domains from my own portfolio under consideration, one of which I'm...
  4. khalid

    Have you ever thought about...

    Hey all, There's a number of users on these boards with names that would make fantastic e-commerce stores and I'm just wondering if anyone has ever thought about turning their .co.uk into a shop front? There's been a few posts regarding the future of domaining, affiliate marketing and revenue...
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