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  1. Swekelt


    Expat.Irish Idea: Could be an email service with $9.99 one time fee and then advertising Image just an example. Of course, Canada, Australia and so on. Offers by PM.
  2. dee

    Whitelabel email provider

    Hi All, I wondered if anyone had any experience with knowledge of setting up as an email provider ? I don't in any shape or form want to deal with the tech side, rather the ability to sell / setup email addresses for other people . If possible with a billing solution also. Hope that makes...
  3. R

    UK SMS and Email affiliates urgently required (Fantastic returns)

    Hi everyone, I have an interesting opportunity in the Payday Loans arena for all SMS and Email affiliates with Opt In data. Our new technology works to increase your response rate and deliver fantastic returns. Full support will be provided including creative and landing pages...
  4. H

    HELP - Has anyone dealth with TRIFEGA.COM recently?

    Hi all I'm really struggling with Trifega.com :( I'm trying to purchase a domain which they seemed to have picked up. I've written to them, left numerous messages on their contact form - still nothing. I was wondering if anyone has dealt them recently or has a contact email or...
  5. khalid

    Premier Domain Investments E-Mails

    Anyone else getting this?
  6. suzi

    Bulk Email Software - one time mailing

    Can anyone recommend a good bulk email product for one time mailings? I'm not looking to build an email list or monitor anything, just to send the same email to circa 1,000 email addresses on a one-off basis. And then to rinse and repeat, but with a different target list and a different...
  7. Alien

    Acorn Auction: e--mail.co.uk

    Currently on 3 day Acorn Auction: e--mail.co.uk No reserve and currently selling for 1p! :cool: 2 days left for bidding. :D
  8. Alien

    _co_uk e--mail.co.uk (£BIN)

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