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    WhatCareer.org and CVSkills.com EBay auction ending soon. Both $10 at time of posting

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    Hi all, Looking for offers on this excellent doamin. Obvious uses and huge potential for development with high paying keywords. PM or post offers and any questions just ask. Thanks.
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    _co_uk contractorjob.co.uk - For a nice directoy

    Hello, Looking for offers for: contractorjob.co.uk Happy to answer all your questions.
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    _co_uk CONTRACTINGJOB.co.uk for the all the contractors out there

    Hello, Looking for offers for: contractingjob.co.uk Happy to answer all your questions :)
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    _co_uk MedicalAssistantJobs.co.uk

    MedicalAssistantJobs.co.uk A very attractive domain with huge potential in todays job oriented world. MedicalAssistantJobs has a huge volume of Google typein traffic and is perfect to dominate the Medical Assistant Jobs arena, or to create a complete web index of relevant Medical Assistant...
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    _co_uk JobSearcher.co.uk

    A superb name, especially now that more people are looking for jobs. Minimum x,xxx offers on this one! :p
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    uk Salesgirl.co.uk + 38 other employment & business domains.

    Salesgirl.co.uk + 37 other employment & business domains. agenda4change.co.uk agenda4change.org.uk agendaforchange.org.uk armajobs.co.uk banking-recruitment.co.uk commercialpropertycareers.co.uk commzjobs.co.uk compuvac.co.uk drum4jobs.co.uk dsc4jobs.co.uk e-brokerz.co.uk...
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    Recruitment-world.com + 42 employment and finance domains

    Policingcareers.com + 43 employment and finance domains agenda4change.com agenda4change.net banking-recruitment.com brentcrossjobs.com brentcrossjobs.net cancerjobsonline.com cancerjobsonline.net commercialpropertycareers.com commercialpropertycareers.net...
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