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  1. I

    Flip UK Auction KeepTheDoctorAway.co.uk Moz DA: 34 Moz PA: 31

    Keepthedoctoraway.co.uk is at auction on Flip.uk with no reserve. Domain Stats Moz DA: 34 Moz PA: 31 TF: 2 CF: 17 Backlinks: 2,425 Ref Domains: 186 Wayback Auction finishes 2nd May 2022
  2. B

    Fitness Apparel (.co.uk)

    Fitness Apparel (.co.uk) seeking valuation of this domain from experts! Booked this domain after reading this article: https://www.morganstanley.com/ideas/global-athletic-wear-geared-for-growth Sports apparel and footwear sales have jumped 42% to $270 billion over the past seven years. It’s...
  3. D

    _co_uk ProteinBars

    ProteinBars.co.uk (no .uk) Huge market! Taking offers by PM Thanks
  4. O

    massgain.co.uk - Fitness domain for sale

    massgain.co.uk massgain.uk £100 ONO
  5. U

    _co_uk 24HourFitness.co.uk

    Offers Needed. Make Your Offers.
  6. C

    Fitness domains

    Hi, I'm looking for aged indexed uk fitness orientated domains with a MOZ PA 30+ TF 10+ ideally with some strong niche relevant links and a non spammed link profile/ archive history, if you have anything that matches these requirements please send me a pm with the url/s and price, Thanks.
  7. M

    Flip UK Auction Medical Domain - Portfolio

    The Holy Grail of Medical Domains At medicalpages.co.uk we have 340+ premier medical domain names up for sale. All domains nicely aged to enhance SEO. Contact us with selected domains and your offer for bulk or single domain purchases. You can reach us by email [email protected] or...
  8. nWebDesign

    DomainLore Auction GetFitQuickly.co.uk

    GetFitQuickly.co.uk - a premium domain for affilate marketing of fitness products? used to have a blog on it and did quite well Auction link: http://domainlore.co.uk/auctions/gems_id/5058
  9. W

    _org_uk Cheaptreadmills.org.uk (BIN inc)

    Site Name: Cheaptreadmills.org.uk (Thats over 36500 visits a year! Even with a 1/300 conversion rate that would be 122 sales pa - and treadmills tend to make a fair bit of commission) The site uses a premium amazon script to automaticly add, update & delete products based on pre-defined...
  10. khalid

    _co_uk Kettlebell - One word generic, great potential

    For sale, kettlebell/co/uk registered in 2003. Singular exact searches - 33,100 Plural exact searches - 33,100 Example long tail exact searches... "kettlebell exercises" - 5,400 "kettlebell training" - 3,600 kettlebell workout" - 3,600 No traffic or earning statistics, you are bidding/buying...
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