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fixed price

  1. DomainSteve

    End User Domains for sale co.uk

    Hi Guys, Nice list of end user type names. All registered at GoDaddy PAYPAL OR BACS please £50 Vehicles.org.uk Estates.org.uk Gen.org.uk £20 for the pair VirtualCallCentres.co.uk + .uk VirtualCommunity.co.uk + .uk VirtualProjects.co.uk + .uk £15 each WPM.org.uk DFB.org.uk
  2. DomainSteve

    _co_uk Various domains from £30 each

    For sale the following domains Post SOLD to claim. Reasonable Offers considered. Buyer to pay Nominet fee. TorbayBreaks.co.uk + .uk £250 TorbayDevon.co.uk + .uk £250 PetsSupplies.co.uk + .uk £200 SovereignBank.co.uk + .uk £200 HolidaySeychelles.co.uk + .uk £150...
  3. satch

    _co_uk ylce - was going to be used for: REC.ycle

    I'm looking to sell ycle.co.uk - £30, buyer pays nominet fee. It was going to be used to brand a website 'REC.ycle.co.uk', recording stats and information on recycling in Britain. But I decided to shelve it so now looking to sell. Cheers, Satch.
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