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  1. 3

    _co_uk MusicForum.co.uk

    Looking for offers on this great name. MusicForum.co.uk Pm your offers please. @Alien
  2. Thom


    Hey all, Domain: AmateurForum.com Great original, could be used for many things, continually registered since 1997. Looking for quick sale, maybe someone who knows what they are doing could sell it on and make themselves an easy profit. Cheers :)
  3. Thom


    Appraisals greatly appreciated, thank you in advance, :)
  4. D

    Forum Software

    Hi all I know this is not strictly CMS but can anyone recommend a forum software, ideally opensource, but prepared to pay if it makes sense. I have used phpBB in the past but had problems with it being Spammed to death and never managed to find anything that would effectively control it...
  5. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk Forum domains

    Both .co.uk and VoIP forum has vBulletin install with licence. VoIPForum has vBulletin install with licence valid until May 20th 2010 WirelessForum Looking for £180 for the set or £95 each BACS or PAYPAL Buyer pays fees
  6. Alien

    _co_uk MyFootballForum.co.uk

    Perfect for a football forum or football blog, etc: MyFootballForum.co.uk Archive.org history from 2002 and may have some backlinks. Please post/PM offers, thank you. :)
  7. J

    _co_uk dslrforum

    already indexed. Just chucking it out there to see if someone wants before I chuck forum on it.
  8. nnh

    PikeForum.com - at Auction

    PikeForum.com Sedo Auction
  9. MOVC

    Free Forum Directory

    Please feel free to add your forums to our directory, submission is free and reciprocal link required although it would be appreciated. UK Forum Directory | Free Directory | Forum Directories Mark
  10. MOVC


    For Sale - www/UKForumDirectory/co/uk No idea of traffic and not really looked after or monetised Google: No.1 - UK Forum Directory No.3 - Forum Directory Please make offers by PM Buyers pays nominet and paypal fees Mark
  11. unclewilco


    Thanks to the new online nominet registrant change thing (wohoo) I finally have footballforum.co.uk football-forum.co.uk in my name...(after a few years of not getting anywhere ie contacting the original registrant and nominet telling me they could not do anything.) so how much 1)...
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