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gold coins

  1. Jaffaman

    Gold Scrap Wanted

    GoldScrapWanted.com GoldScrapWanted.co.uk Pair of essential domain names for anyone connected with buying Scrap Gold...!! Offers for either one or both of these domains...!! Buyer pays Nominet fees...!! Cheers. Jaffaman
  2. Jaffaman

    _co_uk ScrapGoldWanted.co.uk

    Price reduced to £35 For a quick sale. ScrapGoldWanted.co.uk With gold prices starting to rise again, because of the new economic crisis, the Brexit referendum and the collapse of the Oil markets, now is a good time for people to buy real gold. This domain is perfect for any...
  3. golddiggerguy


    Just something that has interested me recently GOLD I have been looking at gold (and I mean Solid Gold not scrap gold) and the pricing over the years compared to investing money into shares, stocks and savings banks. Looking at the charts on the site below, it has been bobbing around...
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