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  1. B

    _co_uk PodHotels

    Pod Hotels (.co.uk & .uk) Looking for offers please!
  2. U

    hotel.td domain name (Chad, Central Africa)

    Fancy running a hotel website for Chad in Africa? "hotel.td" - Renewal fee ~ €160 /yr
  3. I

    _co_uk HotelKingdom

    Send offers by PM
  4. I

    Selling Travel Website (from 2008)

    - currently earning $50 - $70 per month (was $250 per month) - website - registered 2008 - total earnings - $22,012.97 - no promotion done PM me for Website Details.
  5. DomainSteve

    Clearance - only £20 each - includes .uk domains

    Clearance - only £15 each - includes .uk domains HolidaySeychelles.co.uk + .uk HolidaysGermany.co.uk + .uk JewishHolidays.co.uk + .uk SouthportHotels.co.uk + .uk T***********.co.uk -- SOLD
  6. DomainSteve

    HolidaySeychelles * HolidaysGermany * JewishHolidays * SouthportHotels

    HolidaySeychelles.co.uk Expiry date: 20-Jul-2017 HolidaysGermany.co.uk Expiry date: 20-Jul-2017 JewishHolidays.co.uk Expiry date: 20-Jul-2017 SouthportHotels.co.uk Expiry date: 20-Jul-2017 £50 each or £150 for the lot - all include .uk rights - Hosted at GoDaddy Let me know if you have any...
  7. DomainSteve

    DomainLore Auction SouthportHotels.co.UK for sale at DomainLore

    SouthportHotels.co.uk https://domainlore.uk/auctions/gems_id/14844 Ends on 28th of July. Thanks.
  8. J


    Go to: Ifuge.com : http://www.ifuge.com/auctions/co-uk/h0tel-co-uk/ or Sedo.com : https://sedo.com/search/details.php4?domain=h0tel.co.uk&trackingRequestId=72625326&language=us&origin=search&fromExactMatch=1
  9. M


    Looking for offers on www.hoteldealslondon.co.uk ... Unique WordPress theme, with price comparison functionality. 2,400 exact match searches per month. Unique content.
  10. Alien


    Nice .eu domain with 27,100 Google exacts: BlackpoolHotels.eu All other major extensions gone, even with hyphenated version. Perfect for Late Rooms affiliation, etc. :) Offers welcome. Thanks.
  11. M


    hellohotels.org Offer closed, thanks!
  12. M


    Hello, What should be the cost for this domain? Everyones feedback is appreciated. Thank you,
  13. N

    Sedo Auction HotelsDeal.co.uk

    HotelsDeal.co.uk Expire: 2013 Premium Hotels Booking Domain Ideal for Hotel Booking / Reservation Site. Available on auction in SEDO.com or Direct mCreative [email protected]
  14. I

    around-europe.net for a small XX

    Hello, Looking for offers in the low end of £XX for: around-europe.net Happy to answer your questions :)
  15. Alien

    _co_uk 2hotel.co.uk & 2hotels.co.uk

    2hotel.co.uk 2hotels.co.uk £BIN is £175 for the pair, buyer pays Nom. transfer fee(s) - thanks. :smile:
  16. Alien

    _co_uk 8 Hotel Names, inc 2hotels.co.uk, gbhotel.co.uk etc

    8 hotel related names, which are selling as a package: 2hotel.co.uk 2hotels.co.uk coolhotel.co.uk cyberhotel.co.uk ehotelier.co.uk ehoteliers.co.uk gbhotel.co.uk hotelgb.co.uk Please make offers via PM/post - thank you. :)
  17. A

    Select domains - aiai.co.uk (and others)

    I have a number of UK domain names for sale including the following domain names: aiai.co.uk hotelbeijing.co.uk hotelsinbeijing.co.uk hotelsbeijing.co.uk hotelsinbeijing.co.uk If you would like to make an offer for any of these names drop me an e-mail at [email protected]...
  18. Alien

    _co_uk 2hotel.co.uk & 2hotels.co.uk (£BIN for pair)

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