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  1. golddiggerguy

    Feed back please people

    Nothing to see here as no response.
  2. golddiggerguy

    41 out of 74,800,000 for VoIP

    A few of you may know I resell VoIP besides other things and run Hull VoIP co uk. I don't really push it to be honest or even try to SEO the site to rank higher, but have noticed over the months it climbing up from out of no-where to in the 1000's to the 100's and now today is at postion 41...
  3. golddiggerguy

    Why Hull?

    Just done a small project to help bring Hull into peoples, businesses eyesight and radar. Still need a few tweaks and that but would appreciate any comments, tips or ideas. I hope to offer advertising as an option but is more of a personal project if your thinking "Why". Why Hull? Cheers! :)
  4. golddiggerguy

    Showcase? Opportunity? Captive Audience?

    I have been thinking for a while that it would be a great idea to showcase some of if not all of the cream of domains people have on here and other forums. My idea is to hire a large room/area maybe on the top terrace of WTC Hull (World Trade Centre Hull) and have good solid batch of sellers in...
  5. golddiggerguy

    Hull business xml list and details please?

    As some know I am seeing how Geo business domains do e.g. HullDoors co uk and are filling out each one with businesses and info. I was going to import all what i could to save time but then thought to keep Google happy to just carry on adding 1 to each then starting from the beginning. This...
  6. golddiggerguy

    Humber News PR and rankings

    I'm in the processes of trying to regularly update and post to the .co.uk domain HumberNews and noticed my PR tool bar said it was a Page Rank of 3!! :) Also a few searches like Humber News, Humber Businesses etc have now appeared on page 1 of G. So anyone care to dig a bit deeper and find out...
  7. golddiggerguy

    Geo mini sites

    I have a bunch (50+) geo websites and am just wondering if anyone else has? Are they doing well and what kind of revenue you looking at? I have only just set them up this year and am getting revenue of about few $ a day and growing as sites get indexed and ranked better. Here's one of them...
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