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  1. N


    Short 4L brandable domain, offers welcome Reg with Godaddy.
  2. hawkie66


    8-letter, 2 meaningful complementary words for a niche-website like youtube or dailymotion. I need realistic market-value opinions or ,if else, any other suggestions for monetization of the name. Thanks to all contributing.:D
  3. U


    Make Your Offers.
  4. Locably

    _co_uk MobilePPC.co.uk

    Hi my first sale... I was hoping to develop a business opportunity in the Mobile advertising market with this domain but I'm pursuing other avenues and just don't have any time. Offers by PM please... Mobile PPC .co.uk Payment by PayPal only, Buyer pays the Nominet tranfer fee, I will...
  5. M


    Hello, I am holding this domain from few months its a dropped domain. Can any let me know what should be its value.
  6. mozza

    _co_uk Test Broadband Speed "Half price"

    testbroadbandspeed.co.uk huge potential. 450,000 local Broad 18,100 local Exact Was on for £500 will now accept £250 as quick sale needed. A real bargain.
  7. mozza

    Test Broadband Speed

    For sale testbroadbandspeed.co.uk Local Broad: 450,000 Local Exact: 22,200 Great potential for the right end user. Open to offers. Thanks.
  8. golddiggerguy

    _org_uk Broad-band

    This .org.uk is worth an investment by someone! Broad-band We bought this as a lot of our clients haven't a clue on fault finding and broadband. Hence we're going to develop into a mini Q&A, fault finding site to try and generate rev from Aff and Adsense. We will develop it but are just...
  9. D

    Broadband Local

    Hi all I have Broadbandlocal.co.uk and would appreciate your thoughts. Held onto this for some years now intending to do something more than the out of date affiliate site I have on it at the moment. Probably time to sell, but what value does it have if any? Thanks Matt Houldsworth
  10. S

    Higher Search Engine Ranking tips for SEO

    Hello Friends I have several articles related to search engine optimization, but never found any article which satisfied my knowledge. This is the reason why I have written my own article on how to achieve top SEO rankings on Google, Yahoo and several other search engines. Read : How to...
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