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  1. bluemaian

    _co_uk Hotelsinyork.co.uk, HotelsinLiverpool.co.uk + More

  2. geniejjc

    LiverpoolFixtures.uk Domainlore ends Friday

    Unsurprisingly strong and rising traffic domain. LiverpoolFixtures.uk Lots of possibilities. Bid early and often please :) Thanks JC
  3. F


    Hello, Offers invited for LiverpoolProperty.rentals. The domain is registered with Ionos. Any questions, or if of interest, then drop me a line. Best Regards Frank
  4. C

    Popular City Domains Including London.co.com

    London.co.com, Glasgow.co.com Edinburgh.co.com, Liverpool.co.com, Manchester.co.com, Leeds.co.com and 44 other popular cities in NO RESERVE auction at NameJet. http://www.namejet.com/pages/auctions/featuredtemplate.aspx?featured=codotcom ‪
  5. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk Glasgow xxxxxxx .co.uk + Others

    All .co.uk Pricing £65 - £250 domain depending GlasgowBedrooms GlasgowDoors GlasgowRecovery GlasgowRoofers GlasgowScaffolding LiverpoolAdvertising LiverpoolCarpets LiverpoolCleaners LiverpoolElectrical LiverpoolExhausts LiverpoolLighting LiverpoolMobility LiverpoolPrinting...
  6. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk LiverpoolWebdesign

    Open to offers on this .co.uk and want to sell within 12 hours so give your best shots! So who's going to kick it off for this must have domain for a Liverpool Webdesign Company? LiverpoolWebdesign Post offers Buyer pays Nom fee
  7. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk GEO / Service domains inc ManchesterPrint

    Nice sets of .co.uk's for top cities. Not started a city network of GEO service domains? Which is closest to you that you could develop? Looking for offers on single but pref on batches. Post or PM offers BradfordAccountants BradfordAdvertising BradfordCarpets BradfordHeating...
  8. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk Liverpool set of domains inc LiverpoolHeating

    Nice set of Liverpool .co.uk domains to develop and rent out, make rev from affiliates or to sell on to a local business once ranked in G. They will perform well for the phrases when local people are searching. LiverpoolDoors LiverpoolHeating LiverpoolNetworking Will sell as a...
  9. Alien

    LiverBird.net (£BIN)

    For Sale, with £BIN of: £200 LiverBird.net Nice name, perfect for all Liverpool related content (many .ext gone). It also has a Archive.org history from 2002. Please post/PM to buy, thanks. :)
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