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london student

  1. woopwoop

    Advertise to students - prices reduced

    Advertise to London Students Prices slashed by up to 70% Banners, advertorials, newsletter, sms marketing Commission may be available if you're able to sell any ads on For more information about the advertising available and to view the current rate card click student advertising.
  2. woopwoop

    LG Cookie KP500 competition

    The folks at LG has given me a couple of their new phone - LG KP500 aka Cookie to give away and so I'm running a competition. Thought it may interest some of you because there have been a few discussions on acorn about mobiles and domainers are most likely into new gadgets. I've had a play...
  3. woopwoop

    PR5 student news website needs articles

    If you have a useful product, service or (more likely) website then please submit unique, interesting articles at London Student Magazine. You can include a couple of links in the article as long as they are related and useful and of course you can have a full author credit too. Take a...
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