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    jakooza.com and suggeso.com , offers wanted

    brandable, memorable , pronounceable names.... offers invited.... jakooza.com and suggeso.com
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    Clever, Brandable, Memorable dot-coms

    PriceSlam.com, Couponanza.com, Divamax.com, FastAngel.com, DeepToy.com, BootyBot.com, etc... we specialised in brandable and memorable dot-coms; now must liquidate quite a few- see more at DVMX.net Domains Available. You may acquire anonymously through our Sedo.com listings, or contact us...
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    seoaces.net @ sedo

    Feautured auction! Any bids over £100 accepted Expires Jan 2010 One of the very best remaining SEO-related TLDs on the market. The Google-friendly, unfogettable and absolutely fantastic name, in addition to the .net TLD make this an extremely valuable purchase for anybody serious about...
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