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  1. edo

    Pure .me.uk product names - cheap as chips

    Armchair.me.uk - £5 (2,900) Armchairs.me.uk - £15 (6,600) Desk.me.uk - £10 (6,600) CornerSofa.me.uk - £15 (8,100) DiningTable.me.uk - £10 (5,400) Or £45 for the lot with PokerWebsites.me.uk thrown in for free. All names are under the same Nominet account. Buyer pays transfer fee...
  2. edo

    .me.uk names wanted

    Hi. PM me if you've got any high exact product-specific .me.uk names you want to offload. Budget: £xx. Cheers, Ed
  3. golddiggerguy

    NN.me.uk free to reg

    Anyone have a special number they fancy out of these NN.me.uk Birth year -----etc 64.me.uk 78.me.uk 81.me.uk 25.me.uk 72.me.uk 65.me.uk 68.me.uk 95.me.uk 06.me.uk 28.me.uk 52.me.uk 53.me.uk 59.me.uk 62.me.uk 67.me.uk 73.me.uk 82.me.uk 97.me.uk 98.me.uk 08.me.uk...
  4. A

    _me_uk Music

    Music.me.uk @ Sedo auction ---------------------------- Music.me.uk is now on auction at Sedo. https://www.sedo.co.uk/auction/detail/music.me.uk/51178_e__ The reserve price has been met so will sell to the highest bidder. Good luck!
  5. golddiggerguy

    _me_uk Word

    Offers around mid-high £xx please. Word Buyer pays nominet fees. PM or post offers here. Thanks
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