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  1. satch

    _co_uk WoodenCastle - Established Minisite with Small Revenue - £75

    ---- NOW SOLD ---- thanks.
  2. satch

    travel-kettle.com £75/$108 - high google keyword tool figures

    Looking to sell the domain travel-kettle.com. Asking £75 / $108, whichever currency you choose (paypal only). Offers welcome of course :p Has decent 'google keyword tool' figures, currently says 18,100 exact for local search. Domain expires 18 June so the new owned will have to renew...
  3. khalid

    _co_uk Hot Dog Maker - Affiliate site ranking in Google

    Hey all, Site: HotDogMaker.co.uk Rankings in Google.co.uk "hot dog maker" - 2 "hotdog maker" - 2 "hotdog maker machine" - 3 "hot dog maker machine" - 12 Uniques Visitors (all organic) December 84 January 20 Price Offers above £100 accepted. Bin of £200. Assume no revenue...
  4. synapsis

    Official Noomle.com Thread / You Keep 100% Revenue

    Noomle is offering 100% FREE websites parking service. You keep 100% revenue without a share, there is no catch to this service, it is based on donations from you when you start making money from your websites to keep the service up and running. This was started from a personal project for the...
  5. P

    banksortcodes.info (site)

    http://banksortcodes.info/ Site review please. Ive been working on a mini site to display banking sort code data. Ive built a database showing code, name, contact number ++ more. Ive had the domain for months but the site has just been built. Input box will accept sortcode or company...
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