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  1. D

    ETHfund.net & ETHcard.net

    Hi there Both great crypto domains for sale as a package for £1.1k ETHfund.net ETHcard.net Get in touch for details
  2. dog

    NET Zone File below 15 million domains

    Noticed the .NET Zone File is below 15 million domains. As of today 14,939,181 .NET domains in the zone. There are 14,692,026 active .NET domains in the zone file as of today. What do you think this is happening? What do you think this means for .NET? Have new Gs affected registrations...
  3. Alien

    LiverBird.net (£BIN)

    For Sale, with £BIN of: £200 LiverBird.net Nice name, perfect for all Liverpool related content (many .ext gone). It also has a Archive.org history from 2002. Please post/PM to buy, thanks. :)
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