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nokta domains

  1. Admin

    Nokta Domain Sales

    Nov and Dec RoofingSheets.co.uk 12/31/2010 $1,250 DesignUk.co.uk 12/17/2010 $1,200 AutoJumbles.co.uk 11/30/2010 $500 BestHeadphones.co.uk 11/29/2010 $450 ShoppingStreet.co.uk 12/28/2010 $399 PetrolShredders.co.uk 11/23/2010 $99 ChristmasTreeStands.co.uk...
  2. Admin

    Nokta Domain Sales

    I've negotiated with Nokta Domains for them to send me their domain sales records once a month for Domain Prices. They kindly sent me their sales year to date which I have just put into Domain Prices, but here is the list in isolation: Maternity-Clothes.co.uk $999 £645 2010-01-07...
  3. N

    Hi everyone

    I am working for Nokta who has a fine selection of more than 200K. domain names and more than 50K. of them are with co.uk TLD. I am here to share our acquisition and sales experience with you and I'd like to see your domains and show ours. I am ready to answer any of your question regarding...
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