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number domains

  1. S

    Looking to buy 5 & 6 number .com's

    Looking to buy 5 & 6 number .com's For 5 number .com's (example: 12345.com) I'll accept combinations of any numbers, will pay more if they don't contain 4's or 0's. Budget Up to £1500 per domain For 6 number .com's (example : 556677.com) No 4's or 0's please Budget up to £200 per...
  2. I

    6666.co.uk and 55.org.uk

    look offer for this two rare domains number : 6666.co.uk 55.org.uk
  3. I

    445.co 096.co 048.co

    445.co 096.co 048.co 2500 gbp every domain nnn.co only 999 domain exisiting
  4. I

    6666.co.uk and 55.org.uk

    6666.co.uk with uk rights 12000 gbp 55.org.uk 8000 gbp
  5. I

    _org_uk 222.org.uk rare 3 numbers

    for sale the domain 222.org.uk bin 222 gbp
  6. D


    Hi Guys, Could someone advise on the price for this name. Google UK: Exact searches : 9,900 and Broad searches : 74,000 Relative searches: 0870 no : 450,000 0870 numbers : 74,000 (same as the singular term which we own) 0870 phone numbers : 12,100 Thanks
  7. golddiggerguy

    NN.org.uk's Only - by PM ONLY

    PM ONLY PLEASE Interested in NN.org.uk e.g. 78.org.uk NOT 8f.org.uk Just seeing what's out there and at what price from people. Have a few already and may add to them at the right price! Cheers GDG :cool:
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