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.org.uk domain names

  1. edo

    _org_uk WomensClothes.org.uk, WomensClothing.org.uk

    WomensClothes.org.uk: 110,000 UK exacts, £0.74 CPC. WomensClothing.org.uk: 60,500 Uk exacts, £0.71 CPC. Offers in thread or by PM. Payment by Paypal or BACS; buyer pays transfer fee. Cheers, Ed
  2. A

    _org_uk Single word generics with local exacts indicated

    Single word generic .org.uk's, GKT local exacts shown. PM then post sold to claim, buyer pays Nominet fee, bacs payment only. £250 each solitaire 90,500 telescope 74,000 £100 each mannequin 74,000 leotards 33,100 stethoscope 27,100 £75 each pergola 18,100 condor 14,800 corsage 12,100...
  3. A

    _org_uk Ctr

    Four very usable LLL .org.uks for sale: CTR.org.uk - Click Through Rate - £100 (average CPC- £1.05, 40,500/month, daily- 44 clicks) HPV.org.uk - Human Papilloma Virus - £100 (average CPC- £1.03, 110,000/month, daily- 99 clicks) IUD.org.uk - Intra Uterine Device - £60 (average...
  4. bizcorp

    _org_uk ComputerParts and PetSupplies

    computerparts.org.uk and petsupplies.org.uk both excellent domains for a business located in the UK. Google.co.uk (pages in the UK) search: "computer parts" -> 443,000 Results. Google.co.uk (pages in the UK) search: "pet supplies" -> 1.02M Results - A real market. The .org.uk extension is...
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