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page rank

  1. D

    [WTS] PR3 page contextual link about Dental/Dentistry niche

    Home PR: 3 Page PR: 3 PA: 39 DA: 42 OBL: 0 Domain: .com What I will do is create an encompassing text or edit the page with your link text and target URL within the article. This will appear as if the page is updated together with helpful and relevant sources (which is your link). The...
  2. golddiggerguy

    PR update

    Looks like Google updated the PageRank this week. Good or Bad! Any suprises people for your sites, nice to see a big batch of mine jump up from 0 to 1 ;)
  3. I

    Bing has a better google page rank...than...Google !!!

    Hello Everyone, We keep reading that Bing is doing well at the moment...well... In fact, it is doing so well...that Bing is given a better "google" page rank than Google itself !!! ahahah... (yes, I can hear you...PR does not mean anything nowadays...mmm) See screenshot Google...
  4. golddiggerguy

    _me_uk PageRank

    PageRank this .me.uk is up for sale, it's ran on a windows server using ASP. Not touched the site in ages (months) to be honest and is such a nice domain name its a bit of a shame. All people on there have ran the course of advertising and not bothered in contacting them to renew (some are...
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