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  1. Jaffaman


    BlackpoolProperty.com Perfect domain name for any estate agent, letting agent, property management or property repairs business operating in the Blackpool area. Reduced to only £95 for a quick sale. Get it NOW, before one of your competitors gets it! Cheers Jaffaman
  2. U

    uk ukholidayproperties.co.uk

    ukholidayproperties.co.uk Offers welcomed
  3. I

    FOREIGN-ESTATE.com - Real Estate / Overseas Property domain

    Hello, I am looking for offers for: foreign-estate.com Happy to answer all your questions :)
  4. M

    _co_uk propertiez.co.uk | lettingz.co.uk /.com

    Hi all, Have some property domain names available for sale propertiez.co.uk lettingz.co.uk and lettingz.com Was looking to use them but due to work commitments I might see if anyone wants them. I was offered a few hundred pounds for the a lettingz one sometime last year. Offers...
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