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  1. Azam.net

    LitVillage.com - 20 Years of Search Engine Listings and Aged Inbound Links

    LitVillage.com is a very valuable dot-com domain name. - Registered in 2000 - Hosts literary portal - Mature listings in search engines - Quality inbound links - 100,000s visitors since 2000 - Literary social media accounts option also available - Sale price includes all content and...
  2. Azam.net

    _co_uk 1Lit.co.uk valuable 4 character domain, with matching .com. Many backlinks

    Rare and valuable 4 character .co.uk domain name with very valuable matching 4 character .com For Sale: 1Lit.co.uk and 1Lit.com 1Lit.co.uk Domain Name Registered: 2002 Source of search rankings/traffic: In the 'noughties' 1Lit.co.uk hosted a tremendously popular literary ezine which ran for...
  3. I

    _co_uk Readable.co.uk

    Readable.co.uk could be used for a book review site etc or for software / guidance to help the sight impaired / blind people find accessible sites on the web. I just discovered we own this domain. It was registered since Jan 2000, and the renewal date is Jan 2010. It is through a different...
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