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  1. R

    _co_uk LocalRentals

    Offers please on localrentals_co_uk Could make a nice lettings / tenants finder site? Buyer pays Nom fee.
  2. golddiggerguy


    This .co.uk is up for a mad price of just £35 Renting-Property BACS or PAYPAL Buyer pays nominet fee Post or pm SOLD to secure
  3. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk Letings

    Offers on this misspell. "Letings with only one "T" as YOU the Tenant are the missing T." Sold Leting.co.uk a while ago but still have this one. Renting or Letting is on the up so an ideal domain for someone. Starting offers at £45 Letings co uk Buyer pays nom fees. Post...
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