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  1. Helmuts

    Please review the new website of the London domain summit

    Hey guys and ladies, Feedback and constructive criticism is the best thing when starting a new website, and it would be great to receive some valuable feedback from the Acorn community for the website I am doing for the Domain industry summit in London this August. URL: https://summit.london...
  2. A

    Brandable .com/uk

    Hi guys, Looking for a brandable name for a review/comparison site Must have both .com and .co.uk Think Cloud/Compare/Review Gotta be pronounceable please :-) Leave your interesting responses in the comments section beloowwww!!! ;-) ohh and budget, defo less than £1k for both TLDs
  3. J

    Please review my new vertical Job Search Engine

    Hi Guys, Just joined the forum. So be kind! :D I have spent a full year stuck in my server room developing a vertical job search engine. I took my time as i wanted to get it right from the start and just launched the site on the 10th its currently in BETA stage but i feel the core...
  4. khalid

    What do you think of my new affiliate site?

    Morning all, I have recently completed (but still adding too) my pressure washer site, a self explanitory site with Amazon affiliate links. I just want to know your thoughts and comments on the design, ease of buy and comparison table on the homepage. I've never really made any money...
  5. B

    Website/Domain Appraisal - www.MySexyDevil.co.uk

    Hi everyone I hope you can help me with an appraisal/ review of my site: MySexyDevil, Unleash the Devil inside you MySexyDevil, Unleash the Devil inside you (Link to same site - .com)
  6. khalid

    Review: StudentsUncovered.com

    Hi all, Wondering if you wouldn't mind reviewing my site? Following some suggestions over at UKBusinessForums.co.uk I made a number of changes to the site and need some more input. Students Uncovered - student accommodation | student nightclubs | freshers week is a new development of mine...
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