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  1. satch

    Is it me or is Google going way overboard?

    I've been reading about the intro of 'Real-time search' in google where it has a box and you see real-time results from twitter etc. If you google 'avatar movie' you can see it half way down the results page. This is yet another bit to be squeezed into SERPs, is it just me or is google...
  2. I

    Bing has a better google page rank...than...Google !!!

    Hello Everyone, We keep reading that Bing is doing well at the moment...well... In fact, it is doing so well...that Bing is given a better "google" page rank than Google itself !!! ahahah... (yes, I can hear you...PR does not mean anything nowadays...mmm) See screenshot Google...
  3. N

    _co_uk seoace.co.uk

    seoace.co.uk- £0.60 per click! Parked at Sedo, available direct through 123-reg.co.uk. One of the very best remaining SEO-related TLDs on the market. The Google-friendly, unfogettable and absolutely fantastic name, in addition to the .co.uk TLD make this an extremely valuable purchase...
  4. golddiggerguy

    _co_uk FindandSeek + freebies

    FindandSeek co uk Freebies are FindNSeek.co.uk and FindandSeek.net (.net transfer fee applicable) All with 123-REG Offers starting at £35 inc VAT will run until Monday 8th 22:00 AD time. BIN £175 inc VAT The sale is for the domains and website which (at the minute) does not make...
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