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  1. hawkie66

    ticketone.co.uk and ticket1.co.uk

    your marketvalue opinions please...:p
  2. hawkie66

    _co_uk TicketOne.co.uk on sale at 999 GBP

    A perfect niche domain name for on-line ticket selling of any kind: cinema, theatre, football, flight, train and so on. Anyone interested in may contact wih me via PM. Thanks.:fs:gd
  3. hawkie66


    2 meaningful, complementary words: "number one ticket-selling site". Suitable for any kind ot ticket-selling online for theatre, movie, sports match, travel....” I need realistic market value of this domain. Thanks.
  4. davestar057

    Selling My Website

    Hi guys, I am currently thinking about a site I have built from scratch using my own framework etc... the site/brand is winizzle.com - as you will see this a competition website and while Ive been working on it for a while now I currently have too much on my plate and need to free up some...
  5. L

    Selling Domains

    Hi All... I am new to this site and pretty new to the world of buying and selling domains. I was wondering if somebody could lend me some advice on the best way for me to sell the domains i currently own. I own justaskus.co.uk. Thanks!
  6. G

    Www.gizm0d0.com for sale/rent

    If any one wants WWW.GIZM0D0.COM please contact me at [email protected] or tell me your best offer.
  7. lethal0r

    best way to passively sell a website?

    i have lots of websites that make small money but i'd be happy to sell them for a decent offer. what do you find works best? listing them on sedo? put the sedotracker thing in your website footer? a few words on your contact page about it? the domain section on your user profile on this website?
  8. E

    Appraise www.DaShop.co.uk

    This domain name is an interesting one it is dashop.co.uk one that I purchased earlier this year just and would like an appraisal so I can price all of my domains thanks.
  9. I

    Your experience of Bido ?

    Hello everyone, I was wondering if any of you had any experiences of selling or buying domains via Bido please ? Thanks
  10. R

    Newbie with some .mobi domains

    Hi all I'm a relative newbie to Acorn Domains, I've popped in now and again but never really fully taken part. Hopefully I will in the future! At the moment I'm hoping to sell my entire .mobi portfolio to make way for some UK domains. I've got the full list below and I'd like to sell them...
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