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  1. S

    _co_uk serps

    serps.co.uk Domain name only. £1500 ovno
  2. wonder_lander

    Where to get links?

    I don't have time (or the energy) to trawl the web looking for sites that are in a simialr niche to beg/buy a link from so what options does that leave me with? I see on various forums people selling links backed up with wiki links and blasts but that sounds all to spammy and messy to me...
  3. khalid

    Are you worried about Google local?

    I've noticed Google has been focusing more and more on local results recently, which is a concern if you own a generic site that doesn't have a listing. Whilst I pay little attention to the majority of posts on UKBF, this one did reinforce my concerns. Lately, and thankfully, I've been...
  4. satch

    Is it me or is Google going way overboard?

    I've been reading about the intro of 'Real-time search' in google where it has a box and you see real-time results from twitter etc. If you google 'avatar movie' you can see it half way down the results page. This is yet another bit to be squeezed into SERPs, is it just me or is google...
  5. satch

    Google Caffeine Update

    If you haven't heard about it yet Googles next big update is called Caffeine, it looks like it is going to be a biggie, here is some good info on it: So far it looks to me (from using the 2nd link) they are putting even more weight on 'authority' websites as they started doing in the last...
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